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Mining Services

From running complete underground coal mining and civil operations, to providing flexible and specialised support to some of Australia’s largest coal mining and civil companies, we have the expertise to deliver every day.

Diesel and Electrical Services

Our Diesel and Electrical Services division offer complete equipment overhauls, scheduled servicing and machine repairs using the workshop base, and field service crews equipped to operate autonomously at the site of the customer.

Backed by the strength of our parent company, Bis, we have the expertise to deliver every day.

Mining Services

Coal Drivage – Development Services

Mining Services

As one of Australia’s leading underground coal mining contractors, we have a solid understanding of the specific requirements of Australia’s coal sector. Our experienced team members have access to the latest state of the art underground equipment and training, preparing them for any challenge.

The UGM team have significant experience in development drivage and partial and full extraction methods in a variety of strata conditions. This knowledge and experience allows accuracy in results forecasting. The UGM Group has developed mines though various stages including the conceptual stage, highwall stabilisation, driving of adits surface to coal seam, completion of the mains roadways and longwall gate roads.

We have a variety of scheduling tools including Vulcan and Xpac mine planning software. This combined with our experienced mining professionals, means we are able to create mining proposals based on fit-for-purpose equipment and mining methodologies including detailed sequence planning to suit any mining conditions.

Drill & Blast

Mining Services

UGM has extensive experience in Drill & Blast operations in hazardous areas. This includes Dyke removal and drivage of drift roadways through a variety of sandstone and conglomerate materials ranging in strength between 30 – 120Mpa.


Mining Services

We have been designing, installing and maintaining conveyor and longwall relocations systems since 1997, and have a team of systems specialists managing complex installations across NSW and QLD. Our team of engineers, supervisors and tradesmen understand the coal clearance system criticality and strive to deliver projects that support operational success.

The diversity of works undertaken by the UGM Conveyors division includes:

The refurbishment/redesign, installation and recovery of:

  • Drift conveyor systems – capacities of 5000tph
  • Trunk and Gate conveyor systems – capacities of 3000tph - 4000tph
  • Jiffy and Caddy (Temporary) drive systems – capacities 600 - 1000tph
  • Surface gantry systems
  • Product transfer systems
  • Recovery and refurbishment of the above systems

Longwall Relocation

Mining Services

As a major provider of longwall relocation machinery, we are positioned to offer wet or dry hire services during the critical relocation or installation of your longwall. Trained and highly skilled operators provide expert machine control during critical relocation movements, reducing equipment damage and associated risk.

Longwall Relocation services include:

  • Pre and post longwall relocation work
  • Project management and scheduling
  • Statutory Coverage
  • Supervision of activities and resources
  • Plant introduction to site assistance and scheduling
  • Skilled and dedicated plant operators
  • Mechanical and electrical trade support
  • Diesel servicing and support

Secondary Support Services and Ventilation Control Devices (VCDs)

Mining Services

We have extensive experience, management systems and proven success in the installation of secondary support in the NSW and QLD coalfields. Using a quality assured systems approach and coordinating priorities with clients, UGM has successfully completed significant strata management projects with major mining operators.

Our ventilation team is fully equipped to deliver ventilation projects in the underground environment. We offer technical expertise alongside a range of innovative products to maximise operational safety and efficiency.

The UGM Group can design, supply and install a range of VCDs to NSW and QLD standards which have engineering ratings and certifications.

Underground Equipment Hire

Mining Services

We deliver better solutions every day, supported by Australia’s largest fleet of underground hire equipment.

We provide casual and long term hire of run of mine equipment including Load Haul Dump (LHD) machines, graders and personnel transporters, ensuring greater security and flexibility while preserving valuable capital.

Supplementary Labour Hire

Mining Services

We specialise in supplying and managing large scale workforces for Australia’s coal industry. Through our experienced and reliable workforce, we can offer temporary or Full Time Equivalent (FTE) labour hire solutions to supplement your existing team or manage project contracts.

We can provide the following services:

  • Project and Statutory supervision
    • Undermanagers and Stat Engineers
    • Deputy/ERZController
    • Compliance support
  • Longwall and Development labour
  • Outbye mine services labour
  • Diesel mechanics
  • Fitters
  • Electricians
  • Civil Engineers and Concretors

Tunnelling and Underground Infrastructure Solutions

Mining Services

Our tunnelling solutions - infrastructure services, specialised tunnelling equipment and contracting services - have been utilised by some of Australia’s most significant mining and civil projects in recent years.

We have an extensive range of equipment, including custom design solutions, to complete projects safely, reliably and cost effectively.

Our tunnelling contracting services, utilised throughout Australia, include feasibility and consulting, project management, equipment support, ground support and labour hire.

Diesel and Electrical Services

Workshop Services

Diesel and Electrical Services

We provide specialised quality services to the New South Wales and Queensland mining industry from two fully equipped workshops at Morisset near Newcastle, and Paget in Mackay Queensland. Our solid industry backing and experience ensures we deliver clients complete, practical and flexible solutions.

Diesel Services

Diesel and Electrical Services

Our Diesel Services division provides safe, reliable and maintained mining equipment solutions to the resources sector, maximising the reliability and efficiency of any mining fleet.

We deliver:

  • AS3584 Overhaul licences facilities in NSW and Mackay
  • Plant condition audits and repair scopes
  • Component overhauls and replacement
  • Scheduled statutory and routine servicing
  • Pin and bush joint repair
  • Attachment repairs
  • Fabrication and structural repairs
  • Apprentice training and exchange
  • Extensive range of service exchange components
  • Support plant repairs

Electrical Services

Diesel and Electrical Services

Our Electrical Services division provides an extensive range of electrical services to the mining, industrial and commercial sectors. Supported by expertise in diverse industry sectors, we pride ourselves on providing safe and reliable electrical maintenance, repairs and installations.

We deliver

  • AS3800 Overhaul licensed facilities in NSW
  • Inspect and certify flameproof enclosures
  • Design and contract approved electrical apparatus

Field Service Technicians

Diesel and Electrical Services

Our Field Service Technicians are available day and night, 7 days a week offering:

  • Onsite service and repair of most varieties of diesel and electrical powered plant
  • General “run of project” mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair
  • Fixed term site based mechanical support contracts
  • Flexible roster arrangements

Part Sales

Diesel and Electrical Services

We sell parts directly from our warehouse, providing a convenient and reliable service exchange capability for our clients. We manufacture and supply specialist products for ventilation, strata, mining services, and general mining applications. Driven by innovation, these products look to improve mining methods in the underground coal sector. With parts and warehousing facilities at both our sites in NSW and QLD, we support a range of equipment including:

  • Sandvik mining and diesel products
  • Industrea
  • Joy miner and Shuttle car
  • Diesel Fleet Service Exchange Components